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Pray for Kihomi Ngwemi and Nzunga Mabudiga bringing Christ’s love in word and deed to the people of Haiti.

June 29, 2015

Kihomi and Nzunga serve as a vital link between International Ministries and the Haitian Baptist Convention. Nzunga teaches theology at the Christian University of Northern Haiti, trains assistant professors in teaching and writing books, administers a scholarship program, and visits and preaches in churches. He also administers the "Kids for Kids" goat project that provides needed school and personal supplies for children and university students.

Kihomi works with families in the areas of counseling, family planning, and women's health issues. She also coordinates and advises the women's association of the Haitian Baptist Convention, representing women of all the Baptist denominations of Haiti at international conferences.

They write: Dear Loved Ones, Greetings. Let us introduce you to Cadet Wilnive, a 23 years old student at our university. She is orphan of mother and her father is mentally disturbed incapable to take care of himself or of her children.

Wilnive lives with an aunt who has 4 children whose husband  has gone to Turcs and  Caicos Island in search of good life and ended up marrying a woman there. The aunt suffers of diabetic and hypertension and unable to engage in hard economic activities.

I taught Wilnive when she was a freshman in 2013-2014. She half paid then her first semester but was unable to pay her second semester. At the end of her freshman year, she went on to attend classes in the 2 year without knowing  that she was not registered because of her first semester of freshman year debt. At the end of what was going to be Wilnive second academic year, she did not know what to do when she found out that technically she was not a student at the university. She was devastated. That was the time we learned of this case and step in to help. We paid her past debt and let her enroll to restart the second year all over again.

Cases like this one are many on our campus. Many students are losing a semester or the entire academic year of studies for lack of funds. Many other have quit and are still quitting the university to become nothing tomorrow.

A girl like Wilnive is likely to indulge herself in difficult behaviors in order to sustain her life and can easily endanger her entire young life.

Thank you for your love and your support that will enable a girl like Wilnive and many more to continue their studies in order to better their lives tomorrow.

 May God richly continue to bless you.