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Pray for Doris and Ricardo Mayol, ministering to the Mayan people in Chiapas, Mexico.

August 10, 2011
The Baptist Seminary of Mexico opened its first regional center in Chiapas, the Mayan Intercultural Seminary, to put it to the service of the native Tzotziles and Tzeltales Mayan people and of the evangelical world in general. Professors Doris and Ricardo serve as leaders of this project.

They write: Lindberg, a young Mayan man from Tacuba, reconciled with the Lord and today, the last day of the youth camp, sang for the Lord before 300 people. He sang with his heart moving us all to praise. Youth everywhere! More than 150 young Mayans together amidst the highlands of Chiapas at Eleazar’s hometown, Zapata; engaged in understanding the reality of migration that harm them and the reality of a God that know this reality and work with them to change it. Migration was the theme the youth selected for this camp and it was the first time for our local Mayan team, students of the seminary, to coordinate and lead it. And oh boy! it was a tough theme to develop with its political, economic, social and heart breaking issues!

Yet, we thought we wouldn’t make it. Just 3 weeks before, Zapata and Tzajala were involved in a confrontation that threatened to spark a regional conflict. Tzajala, a Mayan Tseltal town of about 500 people that lies 45 minutes uphill from Zapata [had serious issues of disagreement with the town of Zapata]. The people of Tzajala were ready to invade Zapata. Enraged and armed they gather hundreds at the community center. Word was given to Zapata and a representation of six went to talked with the authorities of Tzajala. Among them Humberto, a Baptist pastor and father of Eleazar, was selected to talk in representation of Zapata. He represented several parties hard to unite; Zapatistas, people from the different political parties and denominations – recognized in Humberto a mediator.     

And so, they went. They found over two hundred people, angry, shouting and threatening to lynch them all for what they did. Humberto, keeping his own group in calm, gave the word of wisdom and peace.  …  He talked about the family relationships that keep Zapata and Tzajala united, they were one family. He also talked about the government, the true culprit keeping resources from the indigenous communities and making them fight for the crumbs. He invited them to make a united front …They agreed … and both communities worked as one. It took them two weeks to get things done from the government and calmed those few who didn’t want reconciliation to take place.

This was two weeks before the camp! We asked some of you to pray. Meanwhile, we prayed, we hoped and we believed the word of Humberto that everything will be ok. We trusted Humberto and the leadership of Zapata for we have worked with them, we have shared food and house, and we have become family. The team coordinating the camp shared this strong feeling that we all will be in good hands. So, we risked and went to Zapata with all of these young men and women. And, we saw God at work in astonishing ways. The camp finished. But the touch of the Spirit lingers, and keeps us all talking and sharing the good things that happened at the camp. Many reconciled, others came to Jesus, yet others recognized and affirmed their call to ministry. …We all received blessings because peace was achieved at this place.

Peace could be evasive at times. But Peace also calls us from the depths of our faith, faith in Jesus, in those in our care and in those who care for us. … We praise God for you; for you are part of the wonderful Mayan, Puerto Rican, American and World family God has given us all, to share, to nurture and to care. Thanks for your great love, a love that brings forth astonishing fruits! Thanks for your prayers, God did miracles!

·        Pray for Doris and Ricardo as they serve Christ among the Mayan people of Chiapas.