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Pray for Sue Hegarty, training pastors and other leaders to serve Christ in Cuba.

November 2, 2011

Sue works with the Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention, with whom American Baptists have partnered since 1898.  She serves on the faculty of the Baptist Theological Seminary near Santiago de Cuba which trains pastors and other leaders to serve the exploding number of churches. 

Sue writes: Jesus went (and continues to go) counter-culture, giving women a much greater worth than their own culture awarded them.  To Jesus, women are just as worthy of redemption as men, as well as capable of serving God. This is at sad odds with the reality that many live in the countries where I have served as a missionary.  … How tragic not to recognize each one’s worth because we are each uniquely created by God!  In Cuba, women serve tirelessly (men do also, but women in greater numbers) in the church, yet in many cases they are not given the recognition they deserve.  Yet in Latin American societies, it is often the women who give stability to families as men move around. 

I have seen how culture does affect … Christians as they live out their lives – and it does not always lead to healthy or moral relations.  That is why during my home assignment, in addition to getting to know different churches and people, I am studying what constitutes healthy relationships in families.  I feel led in the direction of working with churches, and especially women, to help them understand what the gospel means to them on a very personal level.  Because they have worth in God’s eyes, how will they act?  How will their faith help them in their everyday relationships, especially with their families?  Will it make a difference in the choices that they make?

  • Please pray with me as I ask God to lead me more specifically in my ministerial direction.
  • Pray for me as I try to prepare myself better.  And pray that God will raise up commitments for the 23% that I yet need to reach my Personal Support Goal.
  • May God’s might and mercy empower us as we serve Him!