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Pray for Sue Hegarty, training pastors and reaching out to oppressed women in Costa Rica.

July 11, 2012

Sue is beginning a new ministry in Costa Rica, with the Baptist Federation and with the Pastoral Care for Women ministry.

She will be teaching seminary courses for training pastors with the Costa Rican Baptist Federation in San José, as well as serving as liaison with American Baptist mission teams.

Sue will also teach in the leadership development program for the inter-denominational ministry of Pastoral Care for Women.  Although the office is in San José, courses are given in locations all around the country.  Sue will assist this ministry as they update their course contents as well as their publications.  This ministry seeks to give Christian hope to women in a male-dominated culture by teaching them of God´s love for them, which then empowers them as they seek to reach their potential as women of faith.

She shares these prayer requests and praises:

•    New ministry assignment in Costa Rica working with the Baptist Federation in theological education and working with the Pastoral Care for Women project in leadership training and program development.  I am very excited about this opportunity, believing that God has allowed me to participate in ministries where I can use my gifts to bring blessing in God´s name.  
•    Good support network in Costa Rica -- helping us look for housing, furniture, answer questions, meeting us at the airport; in short, helping us to get settled.
•    Costa Rica is more expensive to live in than Cuba, yet there has been increased giving toward my ministry support.  

 Prayer requests:  

•    Our departure date is coming up quickly -- July 25th.  We need prayers for clear heads as we "declutter" and decide what we really need.  We also need perseverance and strength for completing all those last-minute details, including getting special documents and their authentication (some of which include getting through incredible bureaucratic hoops in order to be able to apply for residency.)  
•    Good leave-taking:  for Katy (Sue’s 11 year old daughter) who regrets leaving behind hard-won new friendships at school; for me, especially from my aging parents (91 and 85).
•    Finding housing quickly in Costa Rica, hopefully before Katy starts school on August 6 (so she can start off the year on the bus.)
•    Adjustments to Costa Rica: for Katy in her new school.  For me as I navigate setting up life and work in a new setting.