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Kids for Kids Project in Haiti

Kids for Kids seeks to raise $5,000 to purchase 100 goats ($50 per goat).

Kids for Kids Project in Haiti
Goal: $5000 - 100 Goats
Goat - $50

About this Mission Project

Kids for Kids is an ideal way for children in the U.S. to support a project that helps kids their own age.  Ideal for Vacation Bible Schools and Sunday school projects, Kids for Kids provides families in Haiti with a baby goat (a kid).  The Haitian children raise and care for the goat and later sell it. 
How it works: The Haitian church is required to form a 'goat committee' to oversee the herd of goats. The church provides a list of children under the age of 18 who would like to have a goat.

Nzunga Mabudiga, an American Baptist missionary in Haiti will purchase good quality, adult female goats at a local animal auction and the church distributes the offspring to the children.

The children must agree to give their goat’s first two female offspring to the ‘goat committee’ to pass on to the other children in the church. The committee is responsible for overseeing the goats’ care and collecting and passing along the offspring.

Mission Project Specifics

Kids for Kids seeks to raise $5,000 to purchase 100 goats ($50 per goat).  The project will make it possible for dozens of Haitian children to attend school.  Selling one adult goat enables a Haitian family to pay the cost for one child to attend grade school for one semester, including school fees, a uniform and books, pencils and paper. 

This project will be managed by missionary Nzunga Mabudiga.  It is anticipated that this project will raise the educational and economic levels of the community.

The long-term impact of the “Kids for Kids” project can be enormous. Some of the children who first got goats five years ago have long since given back their two and now have dozens of their own. Under ideal conditions 10 goats could become 400 goats in five years, valued at $16,000 – a huge increase for the church’s congregation. 

Connect to this Mission Project
•    Pray with Nzunga Mabudiga and his Christian partners in Haiti for the success of the Kids for Kids project.

•    Share this project with others in your community and in your church family.