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Equipping Pastors Wives in the Congo

This project seeks to raise $2,000 to provide training to 30 pastor's wives at the Women's School of Kikongo.

Equipping Pastor’s Wives in Congo
Goal: $2000 to equip 30 women leaders

About this Mission Project

The Women’s School of Kikongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a unique program that prepares the wives of student pastors for the demands of rural ministry.  The women learn how to be a positive Christian role model for other women, and become development leaders in their communities. 

Mama Mayoyo, a current student at the school, recently led over 100 women in worship using the skills she learned and practiced.  Prior to attending the school, her heart belonged to Jesus, but she’d never been to school.

$66 will cover the cost for one woman to receive  classroom instruction in the Bible, literacy, health, and Christian education. She’ll receive notebooks and pens, sewing supplies & training, a Bible, and ingredients for cooking & training.  That money also covers nursery care and a daily glass of milk for her toddlers, and kindergarten training for older children while she’s in class. 

$2,000 would equip 30 women for ministry. 

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $2,000 to keep the doors of the Women’s School of Kikongo open each year.  These funds will assist 30 student pastor’s wives to receive the training they need to help her deliver a Biblical message, provide counsel to her husband and form women’s support groups in her community. 

This project will be managed by American Baptist missionary, Rita Chapman. It is anticipated that this project will improve the overall ministry of the pastor’s as they, and their wives serve in rural Congolese churches. 

Connect to this Mission Project

•    Pray with missionaries Glen and Rita Chapman and their partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, that God would raise up and continue to provide training for rural pastors and their wives.   

•    Your donations make this mission project possible.    

•    Share this information with others in your community and in your church family.