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Bibles for Literacy Teachers in the Congo

This project seeks to raise $2,970 to purchase 270 Bibles.

Updated: 11/16/2012

Goal: $2,970

About this Mission Project

The village of Kilese in Western Congo is isolated and poor. To get there you walk or maybe bike.  Villagers feel fortunate to have the area medical dispensary and a mud and thatch school.

Dorice Mayaka is a volunteer committed to teaching her small class of women to read and write.  Her old glasses make it difficult to read, and she cannot afford her own Bible to use in her literacy classes.  

The gift of a Bible to Dorice and other dedicated volunteers would recognize and honor their selfless contribution.  It would be a key resource for the spiritual development of students and themselves.   A Bible also helps the volunteer’s family to   recognize the significance of their ministry and reduces familial pressure on volunteers to quit teaching.  

$100 will buy 12 Bibles, $250 will buy 31 Bibles and $500 will buy 63 Bibles for volunteer literacy teachers in Western Congo.  

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $2,970 to purchase 270 Bibles.  The purpose is to give Bibles as an encouragement and teaching tool in local languages or French, to 270 volunteer literacy teachers.  This project will be managed by IM missionaries, Ed and Miriam Noyes, who are technical counselors to the Congo Baptist literacy group, Literacy for Family Well-Being.  It is anticipated that this project will encourage God’s people who teach others, thereby building futures, and training future church leaders.  

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Mrs. Dorice Mayaka, a faithful adult literacy teacher, receives the gift of a Bible in her local language of Kituba, from IM missionary Miriam Noyes.