International Ministries

Clean Water for Haiti

Saving lives with latrines, filters, tanks and purification systems

Goal: Saving lives with latrines, filters, tanks and purification systems

The clean water challenge in Haiti

The dispersal of people due to the earthquake of January 12, 2010 has put pressure on water sources and public sanitation all over Haiti.  The outbreaks of cholera have only made the situation more challenging.  
International Ministries’ partners in Haiti are working to prevent the contamination of water sources by improving public sanitation through the installation of latrines.  They are also working to make sure that water systems are properly filtered and purified.  Clean water is a matter of life and death!


In order to prevent human waste from entering springs, streams, and wells spreading water born diseases such as cholera, it is essential to have proper latrines in every community.  In Grand Riviere du Nord the goal is to build 183 latrines in 6 months.

Clean Water

Filters take sediment and organic matter from water after it is drawn from wells, streams and ponds.  At schools, churches, hospitals and clinics water tanks can be purified with chlorine systems providing clean water for large groups of people.  In each community people are trained to install and maintain these systems, providing long term health benefits for the population.

Connect to this Mission Project

A contribution of $3000 will install a chlorine system (like the one pictured above) to purify the water for a school, hospital, clinic or church.

A contribution of $70 will provide a sand filter.

A contribution of $30 will provide a ceramic filter to be mounted on a 5 gallon pail to provide a family with clean water for cooking, washing, and cleaning.

A contribution of $500 will provide a safe latrine to keep human waste from entering the water systems.

•     Pray with missionaries Nancy and Steve James and Kihomi Ngwemi and Nzunga Mabudiga and our partners in Haiti as they work with courage and strength to bring health and hope to the people of Haiti.