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Water Pumps for Clean Water in Haiti

This project seeks to raise $22,000 to provide 30 water pumps in the villages of Haiti.

Goal: $22,000

About this Mission Project

The people of Haiti need access to safe, clean water. Since the 2010 earthquake, there have been cholera epidemics, and more recently outbreaks of Dengue Fever and Chikungunya. The people rely on dirty rivers where cows, dogs and people share the same water.

Installing water pumps with filtration systems to remove sediment and contaminants, as well as chlorination systems, will give people in the villages of Haiti safe, clean water to use for drinking, cooking and washing. Clean water will reduce the spread of waterborne illnesses and help the people regain their health so they can once again work and provide for their families.

A gift of $50 will feed the men who will be digging for water for two days. $100 will buy some of the pipes. $250 will buy the valves necessary to control the flow of water. $500 will buy all the parts of a water pump. $735 will pay for labor and equipment to provide a pump for a village.

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $22,000 to provide 30 water pumps in the villages of Haiti. The purpose of the project is to provide safe, clean water for thousands of families, and to prevent the spread of cholera, Dengue fever and other waterborne illnesses.

This project will be managed by IM missionary Nzunga Mabudiga. It is anticipated that this project will not only provide water that is safe for drinking, cooking and washing, but also promote health and improve the economic status for the villagers.

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Schools, churches, hospitals and clinics use large water tanks like this to purify water with chlorine and a filtration system. These tanks provide safe, clean water for large groups of people but they cost more than $3,000 each—far out of reach for the people of Haiti.

Ministry Focus Area: Health