International Ministries

Staff Training Seminars in Bangladesh

This project seeks to raise $2,750 in the next year for meeting expenses and materials.

Goal: $2,750

About this Mission Project

The challenges of leading village development in rural Bangladesh, requires that staff be constantly developing their skills and accountability.

Rani is energetic and dedicated, growing in her knowledge of the Word and wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. A woman working in villages still challenges long held stereotypes that demands courage and patience. Wisdom, skill, patience and protection are all required to be effective.

But before the staff of our partner, Symbiosis International, can teach women their legal rights, they must first study them. Accurate and easily understandable reporting is also required for donors and for planning.

$100 will provide a training seminar on a medium size project including food, travel and a leader.

$250 will pay expenses for 10 staff to receive training 3 times a year.

$500 will pay expenses for 10 staff to attend the annual conference in January.

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $2,750 in the next year for meeting expenses and materials. The purpose is to provide training for some 130 women and 120 men. This project will be managed by Mr. M. A. Akand and senior Symbiosis staff. It is anticipated that this project will improve the overall skills for teaching health, education, legal rights, savings, and microfinance for implementation in the community.

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• Pray with Walt White and his partners in Symbiosis that lives can be transformed in Bangladesh.
• Share this information with others in your community and in your church family.


Rani is a committed development worker at Symbiosis International, a partner of International Ministries in Bangladesh. She is eager to develop her own skills so she can become more effective through regular training seminars and the annual staff conference. Rani and other Symbiosis staff’s skills will be multiplied in the lives of the people they touch.