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India School Bus Project

This project seeks to raise $ 15,000 immediately to purchase a new school bus.

Goal: $15,000

About this Mission Project

The Eastern Theological College in Jorhat, Assam India, considers the children of their faculty and staff to be just as important as their parents. ETC provides a school bus for the children to attend 3 different schools. The current bus is 13 years old, and breaks down frequently in heavy traffic. A new school bus is urgently needed to provide reliable, safe transportation for dozens of children.

The bus also provides a very visible means of Christian service to children of other faiths who live close by the ETC compound. They too are given a ride to school each day, and the children enjoy mingling together.

A new bus would help in overcoming the biggest challenges these children face: insecurity and physical & mental exhaustion. And the parents won’t be pulled away from their jobs to pick up stranded kids when the bus breaks down in the middle of the road again!

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $ 15,000 immediately to purchase a new school bus. The purpose is to provide safe, reliable transportation to children of the faculty and staff at Eastern Theological College, in Jorhat, India. Children of the low-salaried parents are equally important as their parents. This project is a ‘member-care’ concern.

The project will be managed by the Administra-tive Committee of the College. It is anticipated that this project will improve the overall education and family health of the community.

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