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Evangelism Through Farming in India

This project seeks to raise $10,000 to help 50 families start their own farms.

Goal: $250 for 1 family farm

About this Mission Project

In India, the gap between rich and poor is widening every day resulting in an increase in suicide among poor laborers and farmers. Traditional missionaries are strongly opposed when they try to bring the love and hope of the Gospel to Hindu and Muslim cultures in Northeast India.

The Council of Baptist Church of Northeast India has begun a program of Community Development Workers (CDW) who are learning basic concepts in holistic development through farming. As CDWs, these evangelists are more accepted, and being farmers gives their testimony credibility.

This project will benefit 50 families each year and lift up entire villages as they improve their farming skills and gain new dignity.

Mission Project Specifics

This project seeks to raise $10,000 to help 50 families start their own farms. Every year these 50 families and their communities will benefit through this project as the money will be revolving.

This project will be managed by Rev. Dr. Jolly Rimai of the mission department for CBCNEI.

It is anticipated that this project will improve the overall economy of the community.

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Atual Gogol is an evangelist yet he and his family struggled so much due to poverty. After he was given a small amount of money for his poultry farm, Atual was able to help others in his community and to share the Gospel with them. He no longer worries about how he will support his family.