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Summer Bible Camps in the Congo

This project seeks to raise $3,000 for 1,500-2,000 youth to attend bible camp.

Goal: $3,000

About this Mission Project

In Congo, rapid immigration from rural to urban explodes into communities with chaotic growth, high hopes, but few real opportunities. The youth are increasingly vulnerable to fanatic teaching by traditional religious cults and to risky lifestyles.

Each summer, Rev. Ngalubenge, and a concerned team of Congolese Baptists, facilitate summer camps which teach God’s word through Bible study, environmental conservation, lifestyle choices, and peacemaking. During camps, through study and action, the youth come to faith, better understand their faith, and grow more skillful in calculating choices and consequences.

Local authorities, pastors, and chiefs, report that, as a result of the camps, behavior improves and conflicts diminish.

$30 trains one teacher and provides materials for 15 children of elementary, middle, or high school age. $300 provides training and materials for 10 teachers and 150 students.

Mission Project Specifics

Because of the high demand for Bible camps, this project seeks to raise $3,000 for 1,500-2,000 youth to attend. The urgent need for this project is to engage youth in community life in positive ways. This project will be managed by Rev. Ngalubenge of the Baptist Community of Congo (CBCO) and through missionary Katherine Niles. The heart of this project is to ground young people in God’s word, and so improve the spiritual and physical stability of the Congo’s future leaders.

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Pairs of Bible camp trainers (standing) spend a month with churches in at-risk communities who chose to host Bible camps. Here they are shown with a group of 15 children, learning how to study the Bible.