International Ministries


November 21, 2005 Journal Tweet

Portland and Oregon City, OR

This summer we had the privilege to host 8 groups from different ABC churches that so willingly and generously came to share their love, time, energy and resources in order to build Deborah's shelter.

Emerald Baptist, OR

We are thankful for each of them and for what they have added to our lives and ministry.

Calvary Baptist, OR

We are thankful for our mission partners, and the dedication that these Baptist women have to serve some of the neediest families in Tijuana, Mexico, victims of domestic violence.

Springfield OR

We are thankful for friends and family who continuously support us in so many different ways: volunteering, serving, praying, becoming members of our Mission Partnership Team or Mission Partnership Network.

Montana Group

Discovery Team

Deborah's Group with Kim Kushner

To all of you, who care and express God's love and grace to your neighbor:Memorial Baptist Church, IN

Thank You!

Desert Streams, AZ

The Roof!

Adalia, Ray, Michelle and Melissa Schellinger Gutiérrez