International Ministries

Medical Personnel Needed In Port au Prince, Haiti (Volunteer Opportunity)

July 9, 2014 Opportunity

Deliris Carrion, missionary serving in Port au Prince, Haiti, has requested medical practitioners to assist her in medical work in the mountains and rural areas around Port au Prince.  These areas hardly ever  receive medical care.  You would travel to the mountain area, set up a clinic, and spend a couple of days receiving patient before moving to a different location.  Most patients seen will be general practice, ob/gyn, pediatrics, and geriatric.  Dentists also needed, eye doctors too!

Regardless of your specialty, you will need to bring your own equipment..from stethoscopes to blood pressure cuffs, to portable ultrasound machines and everything in between.  You’ll be provided with medication that you can bring, and medication that you can purchase in Haiti. 

Groups limited to 8 or smaller.

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