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Hurricane Sandy in Haiti

November 16, 2012 Journal Tweet

When Hurricane Sandy swept through the Caribbean and the Bahamas we were watching very closely.  But when she spawned terrible destruction in New Jersey and New York, our eyes were drawn away from the week of heavy rain that continued in the Caribbean after the winds had subsided. 

True to the old Sunday school song "…the rains came down and the floods came up..." wreaking new devastation on an already shattered  land. The Pastor of First Baptist Church in Cap Haïtien, Haiti told me of the problems at his house.  Then he said that was nothing and went on to tell of women  in the widow’s ministries who had lost all of their inventory as the water currents swept through their small stands stealing rice, sugar salt, shortening, laundry soap, etc.

In Port-au-Prince, one man saw the flood take his house and his family of six - swept away.

Just outside the town of Grand Goâve, a bridge that was severely damaged in the earthquake and was nearly rebuilt is completely gone.

The North of Haiti, in particular the Limbé Valley, has always been considered Haiti’s Bread Basket. It had been experiencing drought but the driving rain wiped out any surviving rice, beans and corn. The already high price of food has begun its climb upward. Pray for the resilient people of Haïti and the Dominican Republic, that they will once again have the strength to rebound from this latest calamity.