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Download World Mission Offering Promotional Materials!

August 1, 2008 Story


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Posters and clip art

Testimonies and coin boxes

Bulletins and pictures

... And so much more is available now for you to download as part of the 2008 World Mission Offering -- Be Surprised by God's People!

The promotional packet for a church is normally mailed out in late July and early August, so your congregation should either have just received the promotional packet, or one is in the mail today on its way to you!

However, you can download materials right now from our website! Enjoy these colorful items that will give you great ideas about how to raise hope, increase faith, and inspire generosity!

The downloads are not a replacement for either getting your original box of materials or re-ordering added quantities. Please see the link for the re-order form or call Judson Press at 1-800-458-3766.