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Answering the Call to Confront Human Trafficking

“I will enter into judgment with them….(They have) traded boys for prostitutes, and sold girls for wine….” — Joel 3:2-3

Jesus began his ministry by announcing that he had come “to proclaim release to the captives…to let the oppressed go free….” (Luke 4:18)  Our American Baptist missionaries lived out these words as they began moving against slavery in the 1820s, the earliest years of their work. Adoniram Judson successfully freed from slavery Ko Tha Byu, the man who would become the “apostle to the Karens,” one of Burma’s major ethnic groups. Evan Jones aided the anti-slavery movement within the Cherokee nation. Lott Carey died in Africa, defending Liberian colonists from slave traders.

Modern slavery is often called “human trafficking.” International Ministries (IM) believes that it is an assault against humanity and is contrary to Jesus’ mission in the world. With the courage of Old Testament prophets like Joel, IM is confronting this type of slavery.

Six long-term missionaries and 44 volunteers and short-term missionaries worked during 2011-2012 to confront human trafficking. IM supported these efforts with over 400 thousand dollars. In 2013, nine long-term missionaries are involved in anti-trafficking ministry, with $547 thousand budgeted for their work.

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