Ben Chan
Ben Chan
Area Director for East and South Asia
| Elder Xianwei Fu, leader of the church in China, passed away at the age of 74

I have been deeply blessed by Elder Fu from meeting and listening to him and observing how he built relations and handled issues in conferences.

| Judy Sutterlin finished 26 years of service in China

Knowing that Judy Sutterlin of American Baptist International Ministries will return to the US this fall after 26 years of service in China, the China Christian Council arranged a special interview of Judy which is published in the (Chinese) Tien Feng Magazine.

| IM supports theological education in India
Global gifts Nine | White Cross – India Nine Hospitals, Clinics and Mobile Units

This White Cross project seeks to raise $75,000 to provide medical supplies for hospitals, clinics and mobile medical units in North East India.

| Pray for Hong Kong

Pray for Hong Kong
Benjamin Chan
May 20, 2018

| Bless the Youth

Bless the Youth
Benjamin Chan
January 15, 2018