Brian & Lynette Smith
Brian & Lynette Smith

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Brian and Lynette Smith are preparing to serve in Haiti in partnership with the Haitian Baptist Convention. Brian will work with local and visiting mission teams in construction and ongoing maintenance projects at the Eye Center, the Christian University of Northern Haiti and the Convention Hospital. Lynette will be teaching of God’s love to women, instructing in basic hygiene and self-care skills and leading creative art workshops to empower women and children in their gifts of creativity.
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| Disappointed!

As September is nearly upon us (Tomorrow), during my morning devotions I realized how disappointed I am. I asked “Why am I disappointed?”, or “What is the feeling i have and why is it causing me associate it with disappointment?”.

| The Road Less Traveled

The following journal entry takes place while completing one of the steps in our deputation process which is to attend a two week class on how to learn a new language and how to understand how that language relates to the culture.

| On the Road: Part 1

Lynette and I have been on the road to raising our ministry support. Some of you may not understand the “NEW” reasoning for each missionary raising their own support.