Brian & Lynette Smith
Brian & Lynette Smith

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Brian and Lynette Smith are serving among Haitians in partnership with Mision Maranatha Inc. to work at the Bateyes in the East Coast of the Dominican Republic. Brian works with local and visiting mission teams in construction and ongoing maintenance projects at the "Integral Vision Community Center" that colleagues Vital and Ketly started to serve Haitian immigrants, the Good Samaritan Hospital, and local Haitian churches of the East of the DR. Lynette is teaching God’s love to Haitian women, providing instruction in basic hygiene and self-care skills and leading creative art workshops to empower women and children in their gifts of creativity.
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| Important update from Brian & Lynette Smith
| Drifting Along the Way

You might find yourself asking, “How did we manage to get through that?”  But God’s hand in it is clear and apparent. 

| November 1st call to Prayer
| Look Up!

One of the major things you notice as a ‘new to Haiti’ person is the traffic. The numbers of vehicles, the people everywhere, the volume of the street sounds…the chaos, or is it?

| Turning the Page

“The long road doesn’t kill you.”
Meaning: Perseverance is good.

| Roots & Light For Reaching New Heights