Bob Santilli
Bob Santilli
Special Assistant
| Pray for Denise and Juan Aragón empowering leaders emotionally and economically in Chiapas, Mexico

They both work in training, prevention and education as they learn the community needs and look for ways to emotionally and economically empower leaders in their communities.

| Pray for Ray Schellinger, Global Consultant for Immigrants and Refugees and for those who are in the Immigrant Caravan now arriving at the U.S. Border.

I came to hear their stories.
I have spent the last several days sitting, walking, playing, and crying with the members of the caravan. I have been struck by their willingness to just hang out with me and talk. They are hopeful, yet full of questions about what the future holds. They are anxious to get moving again, but at the same time, afraid to leave.

| Pray for Jill and Mike Lowery ministering to the International community and to vulnerable young women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Mike serves as pastor of the International Church of Kinshasa, which has a long history of serving English speakers in the capital city. Jill works with Mitendi Women’s Center and Mitendi Primary School, ministering to marginalized and vulnerable young women and children.

| Pray for Carlos Bonilla and Mayra Giovanetti training Christians and raising up disciples in Columbia.

Carlos and Mayra have been used by God in discipleship formation and training in churches in Chile, Spain and Nicaragua. UNIBAUTISTA has invited them to continue this work with ethnic groups in one of the most neglected areas of Colombia, the Guajira Northern Region.

| Pray for Terry and Tom Myers serving in Bulgaria and soon to be in transition to a new ministry.
| Pray for the Ebola Outbreak in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and for Dr. Bill Clemmer ministering to the victims and working to contain the outbreak.