Bob Santilli
Bob Santilli
Special Assistant
| Pray for Carlos Bonilla and Mayra Giovanetti serving in Columbia in ministries of discipleship formation and training of leaders.
Hwang family 2016 | Pray for Gordon and Lee Ann Hwang encouraging church leaders and reaching out to the children and youth of Japan.
| Pray for Mercy Gonzalez-Barnes helping meet educational and theological needs in Latin America.

Mercy takes the experiences and skills … of teaching, mentoring and walking alongside men and women who have felt the call of God and applies them to a wider ministry of responding to diverse educational and theological needs in Latin America.

| Pray for Denise and Juan Aragon serving the rural, indigenous people of Mexico in the name of Christ.

Denise and Juan work in training, prevention and education as they learn the community needs and look for ways to emotionally and economically empower leaders in their communities.

| Pray for Stan Slade, Global Consultant, helping Church leaders understand and communicate the truth of the Bible.
| Pray for Katherine and Wayne Niles preparing for an Ebola outbreak in the D.R. Congo as they serve in ministries of health and wholeness.