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Carole Sydnor

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Carole Sydnor serves as an International Ministries development worker for Nepal by maintaining the partner relationship of IM with three primary organizations: the Nepal Baptist Church Council, Human Development and Community Services and United Mission to Nepal. Her primary responsibilities are to strengthen cooperation with IM partners in the country, to monitor Nepal earthquake relief and other IM projects; and to provide assistance for long- and short-term personnel in Nepal. She dedicates 20% of her time to this service non-residentially, carrying out her duties through correspondence and at least two visits to Nepal each year.
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| “ Deusi Re, Deusi Re… ”
| So… what does the body of Christ look like in Nepal?

When I was a child, my grandma and her friends made a quilt of fabric swatches that couldn’t have been more uncomplimentary, and yet everyone called it beautiful, a true work of art. I didn’t get it at the time. But as I matured, I not only began to appreciate the beauty of such “uncomfortable” collaboration, but also the tender care and commitment it takes to make it work.

| April 25, 2015, Remembered

On April 25 and May 12, 2015, two earthquakes devastated the country of Nepal. Three years later…

| Because of Bethlehem
| Before and Now – Stories Moving Forward

A last minute confirmed date of a graduation being held at Dali University, Yunnan, China, changed my international travel plans. In that new travel plan – to Nepal to China and back to Nepal – three “Before and Now” stories remain vividly in my mind.

| Walking in Newness of Life

During the time before our Easter celebration, my thoughts focus on the promise God has given us so we can walk in newness of life – and reflecting on those words reminds me of some experiences in my recent trip to Nepal.