Carrie & Kurt Smalley
Carrie & Kurt Smalley

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Evangelism Evangelism
Discipleship Discipleship
Kurt helps with the “Grain Game,” a children’s evangelistic outreach that uses games while teaching about Jesus and the attributes of God. Carrie helps out with these periodically, as well as with women’s ministry outreaches including quilting clubs and camps and Bible studies. They both help with English Camp, a way to minister to Hungarian nationals while helping them gain confidence and fluency in the English language in order to improve their lives and advance their jobs. Kurt and Carrie also have a ministry of discipleship, helping people to become stronger in the faith and their walks with Christ.
Projects, Journals & News
| Hungary Bibles/Camp Scholarship fund update

Pastors were so happy to get a newer bible some openly wept!

Hungary - English and Gospel Camps | Hungary – English and Gospel Camps

The purpose of the project is to present the gospel to hundreds of Hungarian children and students and to give each one a Bible in Hungarian or English.

| Hungarians’ English Bible Studies

English Conversational Bible Study in Péterí. We have such a great group and a lot of fun as well as getting work done;)

| Practical Differences

There are times when you wonder….”Did they say what I think they did?” Really, everyone goes through that at one time or another, right?

| Smalley’s Update Fall ’15

Wow, we can’t believe it has been so long since we posted anything! Please accept our apologies. We had a flurry of events happen and departed the states a week after we received our needed funding.