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Dan and Sharon are global consultants, Dan for Peace and Justice and Sharon for Community Transformation. They serve around the world to provide consultation and training in conflict transformation and the transformation of communities, working primarily through the church as God’s instrument of change. They utilize experiential education and participatory Bible study in their workshops. In the past nine years, Sharon and Dan have trained over 250 church and community leaders from 50 countries in 10-day Training of Conflict Transformation Trainers programs. Many of these leaders have made a profound impact in the peacemaking of their communities and countries.
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| Violence Interrupters

Montego Bay has been under a State of Emergency because of the high levels of violence. The tourist areas are all sealed off, but in the communities where ordinary people live, just staying alive can be a challenge.

| When Getting Really Sick Is Really Good!
| In the Footsteps of Gustavo

Gustavo Parajon was one of my heroes and role models. Gustavo and his wife Joan were International Ministries missionaries in Nicaragua where Gustavo pastored the First Baptist Church of Managua and led in many medical and community ministries.

| The Scream and the Silence
| Global – Peacemakers Mentoring Project

$11,000 a year for five years (2014 to 2019) will provide training materials, travel and stipends to train emerging peacemaking leaders.

| Global – Conflict Transformation Training

Dan and Sharon Buttry have been engaged in a series of Training of Conflict Transformation Trainers (TCTTs) to equip Christian peacemakers from around the world with the skills and tools for training and engaging in transformative action in conflict situations.