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Debbie Mulneix
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Abolishing Global Slavery Abolishing Global Slavery
Debbie supports the anti-human-trafficking work of Samaritana Transformation Ministries (STM) in Manila, the Philippines. She assists in the development of the Guest House facilities and in the marketing of livelihood products, such as jewelry and greeting cards. STM provides a safe, comforting place for women. For the most part, these women have never been in relationships that encourage them to be themselves. They have never known people who accepted them as they are. They have always been “the givers” in relationships, not “the receivers.” They have never had long-term friendships. Samaritana assists these women as they develop many relationships that will last a lifetime, and one that will last through eternity.
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| Deb Mulneix Update on Typhoon Koppu in the Philippines

Typhoon Koppu (Lando) hit the northern area of the island of Luzon very early on the morning of Sunday, Oct. 18. That was the official beginning, but the entire island had seen heavy rainfall since Friday

International Ministries logo | Deb Mulneix Reports from the Philippines on Wed. Nov. 13

We need to keep in mind that this storm hit an area with 3 times the force of Katrina, an area where over 360,000 people were already living in tents and barely surviving because of the shortage of supplies ( FOOD, WATER, and MEDICINE) caused by an earthquake exactly 3 weeks earlier.