David & Joyce Reed
David & Joyce Reed

Graduates of The Masters of Theological Studies Program
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Joyce and David serve as regional consultants alongside partner Baptist conventions in Iberoamerica and the Caribbean with a focus on spiritual renewal, spiritual formation and vocational calling. Their goal is to draw people into a deeper experience with God through spiritual disciplines such as stillness, listening, prayer, creative worship and spiritual companionship. To do this, Joyce and David will offer retreats at which pastors and leaders can find rest, renewal and resources for self-care. They will develop curriculums for spiritual formation courses to be taught in theological schools. They will also mentor young people who sense a call to ministry.
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Graduates of The Masters of Theological Studies Program | ROOTED AND ESTABLISHED

The month of May means graduation. All over the country, and all over the world. Parents, teachers, professors, friends, and family gather to celebrate finishing, and new beginnings. What would you say is the predominant emotion in May? Pride. The good kind. Esteem. The empowering kind. Hope. The Kingdom of God kind.

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Joyce Reed shares how God intersects the points of our lives in amazing and profound ways. Read how a pastor in PA impacted a young woman’s heart for missions in Mexico which led her to seek a mission experience in India!