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David & Laura Parajón

Parenting with Love
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Drs. David and Laura Parajón have been serving in health ministry since 2001, sharing Christ’s love and healing through AMOS Health and Hope. AMOS uses an empowering approach that engages communities as full partners. David and Laura provide preventive and curative health services to remote and vulnerable communities where there are no doctors through the training and support of health promoters. These individuals diagnose and treat common illnesses that can kill children, like pneumonia and diarrhea, and promote healthy habits like eliminating mosquito breeding sites to prevent zika and dengue fever. Short-term mission teams and volunteers work alongside AMOS to improve health for all people. Come join them!
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Parenting with Love | Nicaragua – Parenting with Love

Amos Health and Hope seeks to raise $541,622 by June 2022 to develop a replicable and scalable program to empower local volunteer mothers to facilitate breastfeeding, parent-child bonding and early childhood stimulation in the communities, thereby decreasing the long-term impact of the current Nicaragua crisis on their children and families.

| Nicaragua – Healthy Homes

In Nicaragua, nearly 1 million people have no access to safe drinking water and nearly half the population does not have access to adequate sanitation. This project seeks to help families get access to clean water and tackles the problem of air pollution from wood-burning stoves.

Protests in Nicaragua | American Baptists Express Concern About Turmoil in Nicaragua

The Rev. Dr. Lee B. Spitzer, general secretary of the American Baptist Churches USA, in consultation with leaders and global servants from International Ministries, wrote a letter to the Consulate General of Nicaragua in Washington DC to express American Baptist concern over recent events in Nicaragua.

| Pray for Peace in Nicaragua with Drs. David and Laura Parajon and AMOS Team
| White Cross – Nicaragua Medical Supplies, Medicine & Training Health Promoters

This White Cross project seeks to raise $30,000 annually to provide medical supplies and medicine for the ministries of Dr. David and Laura Parajon / AMOS Health and Hope and Hogar Senil in Nicaragua.

| Nicaragua – Save Babies from Zika

International Ministries seeks to help 300 pregnant women in Nicaragua avoid contracting the Zika virus, which peaks in August when the mosquito population grows due to increased amounts of rain.