Ed & Miriam Noyes
Ed & Miriam Noyes

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Miriam and Ed Noyes, IM global servants in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the past 35 years, retired on September 30th, 2019 (please see their final newsletter. Miriam and Ed have served in various capacities with IM partner the Congo Baptist Community (CBCO) for the last three and a half decades. Miriam’s passion is building up the local church; among many ministries, she worked with a group of Congolese Baptist laypeople to implement a comprehensive adult literacy program. The latter includes promoting literacy with various ethnic minorities, including the Pygmies. Miriam’s role has included participating in teacher training seminars, selecting materials, and organizing literacy training sessions and campaigns. Ed served in various roles alongside CBCO, although his primary ministry has been at “ACDI Lusekele”. ACDI Lusekele is an agricultural, high quality seed production program. By producing varieties of seeds (such as manioc, peanuts, cowpeas and soy beans) that are resistant to different viruses and identifying agricultural innovations to increase crop yields, this results in a more stable food supply. A more stable food supply results in healthier children, surplus to sell, more children going to school, and greater opportunities for both individuals and communities. The Noyes’ deep and ongoing commitment to ministry might be summed up by what Ed wrote in 1991: “We had come to bear witness to the love of God manifest in Jesus Christ… God had called us to become a part of Christ’s Body in Zaire, to share its joys and sorrows, to serve it, comfort it, suffer with it, and always proclaim the Gospel of hope and reconciliation with it.” Please join us as we honor and celebrate Miriam and Ed, and join us in praying that God will continue to bless them in this new season of their lives.
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| Gratitude and Opportunities
| Vanga Summer Bible Camps

Over the past 3 years something remarkable has happened in the Vanga area, about 300 miles due east of Kinshasa on the Kwilu River. Joseph Musa, the Baptist childrens’ ministries coordinator for the district, has been holding children’s Bible camps in different pools of village churches of the district.

| An excercise in faith one year on

Over the past 12 months the ACDI Lusekele extension program has revived its agricultural extension and seed production programs. In farm tests of new improved peanut varieties, the newest addition to the national seed catalogue, Lusekele-2 peanuts, produced 3 times more than favorite local varieties. ACDI Lusekele has set its sights on rebuilding regional stocks of peanuts and black-eyed peas – two important keys to alleviating hunger and poverty in the Bandundu region.

| Pastoral Team to Lead Twa Lay Pastor Training

It has been an extremely busy summer. Whew! There was the last push to finalize the lay pastor training program and get it to the printer. Then there was a month of intensive research and writing (in French, not my best language) the brief history of the CBCO Baptist women’s organization here, prepared for their 50th anniversary celebrations.

| Translating lay pastor training course with Pastor Makwala

Some of you know that in June I unexpectedly started rather intense work on the Lingala revision of CBCO’s lay pastor training program.

| Update on Mama Luti Makunu

I told Mama Luti’s story in January 2011. Mama Luti Makunu Mayumbu was one of our very first literacy graduates in the Vanga area. She had started school, but was pulled out in early primary school to care for her sick mom, who subsequently died. Then she continued to care for her younger brothers and sisters, and keep house for her dad.