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Ed & Miriam Noyes

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Ed and Miriam Noyes serve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where over two-thirds of the population depends on agriculture for a living, over half of all rural women can’t read or write and chronic malnutrition limits the lives of many children. Working with the Baptist Community of Congo and IMA World Health, they encourage and support church-based programs contributing to basic food security, improved family livelihoods, the creation of new opportunities through literacy and the strengthening of rural churches.
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| Vanga Summer Bible Camps

Over the past 3 years something remarkable has happened in the Vanga area, about 300 miles due east of Kinshasa on the Kwilu River. Joseph Musa, the Baptist childrens’ ministries coordinator for the district, has been holding children’s Bible camps in different pools of village churches of the district.

| An excercise in faith one year on

Over the past 12 months the ACDI Lusekele extension program has revived its agricultural extension and seed production programs. In farm tests of new improved peanut varieties, the newest addition to the national seed catalogue, Lusekele-2 peanuts, produced 3 times more than favorite local varieties. ACDI Lusekele has set its sights on rebuilding regional stocks of peanuts and black-eyed peas – two important keys to alleviating hunger and poverty in the Bandundu region.

Congo - Summer Bible Camps | Congo – Summer Bible Camps

The Baptist Convention of Congo (CBCO) wants to reach youth with the gospel through summer Bible camps. It’s a vital way of training children and gives teachers more experience for the future when new Sunday schools are established.

| Congo – Training Pygmy Lay Pastors

IM wants to give Twa Pygmy church leaders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo the opportunity to complete one month of training in the lay pastors training program that started in 2015.

| Pastoral Team to Lead Twa Lay Pastor Training

It has been an extremely busy summer. Whew! There was the last push to finalize the lay pastor training program and get it to the printer. Then there was a month of intensive research and writing (in French, not my best language) the brief history of the CBCO Baptist women’s organization here, prepared for their 50th anniversary celebrations.

| Translating lay pastor training course with Pastor Makwala

Some of you know that in June I unexpectedly started rather intense work on the Lingala revision of CBCO’s lay pastor training program.