Glen & Rita Chapman
Glen & Rita Chapman

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Glen and Rita have been instrumental in transforming the Kikongo pastoral training school into the Baptist University of Congo (UNIBAC). Glen is vice-rector of UNIBAC, where he teaches Old Testament, Hebrew and Baptist history. Rita runs the library, teaches English and works with the wives of theology students. Rita and Glen both are very much immersed in the life of the community and the church through village ministry, transportation and environmental ministries such as beekeeping, raising rabbits for agricultural training and planting trees for reforestation, lumber, firewood, charcoal and fruit.
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In the late 1800s, while many had visions of the economic opportunities that the Congo provided, others were inspired by the huge population who lived in ignorance of the love of God proclaimed by Jesus Christ.

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The night was dark and stormy. August is still the dry season, but a tropical electrical storm accompanied by lots of wind was bearing down on Kikongo.