Glen & Rita Chapman
Glen & Rita Chapman

Congo - Equipping Pastors' Wives
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Glen and Rita have been instrumental in moving the Kikongo pastoral training school up to university level. The new university has three majors: theology, agriculture and teacher training. Glen is the academic dean of the school of theology and teaches Old Testament, Hebrew and Baptist distinctives. Rita is in charge of the library, teaches English and works with the wives of the theology students. Glen has been involved in experimenting with a Powered Parachute for transporting fragile audiovisual equipment to villages. With this equipment, they can project evangelistic films as well as videos about conservation, health, sports, music and other educational topics. Glen and Rita have also been widely involved in raising animals. In particular, they are known for their work with the very rare and endangered Congo clawless otter. They have rescued and reintroduced many varieties of orphaned animals. They are also involved in introducing beekeeping and in raising rabbits for agricultural training. The Chapmans are active in planting indigenous trees for reforestation, lumber, firewood and charcoal. They are also introducing many varieties of fruit trees.
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Congo - Equipping Pastors' Wives | Congo – Equipping Pastors’ Wives

The Kikongo Women’s School prepares pastors’ wives to meet the demands that will be placed on them as key members of the church and to carry out their own valuable ministries.

| New University

A new day has dawned at Kikongo! For those of you who have followed our lives during the past three years, you know that this has been our most difficult term as missionaries in the Congo.

| Stretching Forward

After being missionaries in the D.R. Congo for nearly thirty years, we are really being stretched now! Over sixty years ago, the Kikongo pastoral training school was established to train rural pastoral leadership. We have been involved with this school for twenty years.

| Soccer Evangelism

Our Kikongo soccer team took a long field trip to Fadiaka to play a game. The players began walking Saturday at 1 AM under the moon.