International Ministries
International Ministries
| Nicaragua – Healthy Homes

In Nicaragua, nearly 1 million people have no access to safe drinking water and nearly half the population does not have access to adequate sanitation.This project seeks to help families get access to clean water and tackles the problem of air pollution from wood-burning stoves.

Lebanon - INSAAF Center | Lebanon – INSAAF Center

Since 2013, through INSAAF, Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) in Lebanon who have been marginalized and imprisoned are given hope, guidance and advocacy.

International Ministries logo | Director of Global Personnel Services

Responsibilities: provide support services to global servants related to compensation, benefits, health insurance, grants and allowances for specific location needs in the host country; direct and develop annual budgets; coordinate the support efforts of the Crisis Task Force

| Mexico – School Uniforms and Books

This project seeks to raise $8,000 each year to help 100 students with learning needs and disabilities to be prepared for school. The challenges of special needs children are great and even further challenging when families are unable to equip their children with uniforms and books so they can learn.

| STEP – Dominican Republic Education

All it takes is $1 a day for the education for a child in the D.R. But for many families it is a struggle to afford therequired school uniforms, supplies and monthly fees. The Student Tuition Expense Program makes it possible for the children to attend school every day.

| STEP – Uganda

The Village2Village project will improve the students’ overall education by preventing gaps in their education from a temporary lack of funding.