International Ministries
International Ministries
| White Cross – Liberia Ricks Institute Meals

This White Cross project seek to raise $10,000 to provide meals for 120 students a day at the Ricks Institute in Liberia.

| White Cross – Lebanon Medical and Dental Care for Seminary Students

This White Cross project seeks to raise $5,000 to provide medical care such as physicals, dental care and hospital visits for the 37 students at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) in Lebanon. This care will also include the students’ families during the academic year.

White Cross Haiti | White Cross – Haiti Sewing & Education, Eye Care & Student Infirmary

These White Cross projects seek to raise $11,000 to provide supplies needed for the Women’s Ministries, the Cap Haptian eye center and the student infirmary at the Christian University of Northern Haiti.

| White Cross – Global Human Trafficking

This White Cross project seeks to raise $10,000 to provide materials used to reach out to women and children being exploited in labor or prostitution. It will also be used to produce educational materials for churches and individuals around the world interested in ending human trafficking.

| White Cross – Global Health

This White Cross project seeks to raise $286,000 to provide medical supplies and equipment for all of our medical centers and Christian centers around the world. These materials will be used to heal those who are not able to care for themselves and need medical attention.

| White Cross – Congo Shipping

The cost of shipping supplies to the Democratic Republic of the Congo is quite high. IM seeks to offset these costs.