International Ministries
International Ministries
India - Kids for Mission | India – Kids for Mission

This project seeks to provide young goats to needy families to provide a self-sustaining source of nourishment. Each family that receives a goat commits to pass on the first female offspring to another family to multiply the blessings and improve the quality of life in the broader community.

Global Gifts Kids for Kids | Haiti – Kids for Kids

The purpose of the project is to have children raise goats, sell the offspring and use the proceeds to purchase school uniforms, books and shoes and to pay tuition.

China - Education for Orphans | China – Education for Orphans

We desire to help orphans break free of the cycle of poverty by giving them access to the same educational opportunities as other children. As they become productive members of their communities, their involvement will improve economic stability for everyone.

Hong Kong - Drug Rehabilitation | Hong Kong – Drug Rehabilitation

The purpose of the project is to provide food and housing, share the gospel and offer skills training for those seeking to be drug free.

Thailand - Scholarships for the House of Blessing | Thailand – Scholarships for the House of Blessing

Scholarships will enable the ethnic minority children served by the House of Blessing to continue their educations in Thai public schools.

India - Nursing Students | India – Nursing Students

The Assam Baptist Convention wants to assist its young people by sending one young man and two young women to nursing school in the capital city of Guwahati.