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International Ministries
| White Cross Burundi – Education

The Batwa tribe in Burundi live in poor, primitive communities. They exist by hunting and gathering, and are often subjected to racism and discrimination. Educating these vulnerable children will help transform the Batwa community. This is an ongoing project for three years. The most urgent need is to provide food and school supplies that will enhance the ability of these children to attend school and become literate. The project’s total cost is $23,535 over three years, or $7,845 per year. Funds will provide school uniforms, soap, school supplies like books and pens, and a school lunch.

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| Migrant Ministry, A Mile in their Shoes

Provide shelter, hydration, nutrition, medical care, pastoral accompaniment, legal aid, elementary education and human rights orientation for migrants, seeking immigration and asylum in distressed situations surrounding 10 migrant shelters in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Central America.

| Easter message from Sharon Koh, Executive Director / CEO