Jill & Mike Lowery
Jill & Mike Lowery

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Jill and Mike Lowery work with the Congolese Baptist Community (CBCO), continuing the efforts American Baptists began in the Democratic Republic of Congo more than a century ago. Mike is an administrator and a professor at the Pastor’s Institute in Kikongo. He works to equip leaders for ministry in rural churches in the Bandundu region of Congo. Mike is also currently serving as pastor of the International Protestant Church of Kinshasa. Jill works with the National Women’s Office of CBCO in ministries reaching out to unwed mothers and young women who are at risk to prostitution. The Lowery’s goal is to provide a spiritual foundation, as well as job training, that would empower their young women to move on to a better life.
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| Another Unbelievable Mitendi Story

It was a long journey returning to the Congo from the U.S.  After 9 months of almost constant travel, it felt so good to arrive back to our own little apartment and unpack our suitcases! We’re happy to be settled, and as Michael said, “to be able to do the work instead of just talking about it for so long.”

| Mitendi Baptism

I love baptisms! On a Saturday in June, I had the honor of witnessing the baptism of seven of our Mitendi girls! When we headed out of Kinshasa to the church early Saturday morning, I thought we were going to see only our girls baptized.