Katrina & Kyle Williams
Katrina & Kyle Williams

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The Williams will be training and supporting Southeast Asian leaders who are seeking to build bridges across tribal lines in the Mekong region of Thailand. Using state-of-the-art techniques, these men and women are combating human trafficking which affects so many ethnic minorities. In partnership, they will seek to point towards God’s kingdom where captives are set free as they strengthen human rights and dignity in the area.
Projects, Journals & News
| Fall 2018
| Coming to the US
| Worlds Apart
| Renewed Focus for 2018
| An Easter Assault

Easter Sunday in Kikongo was loud…more than normal loud. Whistles blew and horns blasted, people yelled out cheers, children went up and down the isles of the church and crowded the windows and doorways.

| Down a Deep Hole

There is a hole in our yard…a deep hole…a deep dark hole. It was dug a little over a month ago and is a future outhouse.