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Lea Lindero

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Lea retired on December 31, 2018, from service as a nurse in Thailand as an associate global servant with International Ministries, Global Interaction (Australia) and the Uniting Church in Sweden for over 30 years. Before her current work at the Center for the Development of People with Disabilities (CDPD) in Mae Sariang, she worked at the Kwai River Christian Hospital in Sangklaburi for many years. As a nurse at the CDPD, Lea worked in the center itself and in rural villages as part of the center’s mobile health clinic. Besides her primary duties in health care, she provided health education and taught English to the staff. International Ministries is thankful for Lea's years of sacrificial service in Thailand and knows that she will continue to serve using her gifts, talents and experience upon her return to her home country of the Philippines.
Projects, Journals & News
| White Cross – Thailand Kwai River Hospital

This White Cross project seeks to raise $7,500 to help change the quality of patient care by providing important sanitary medical supplies to create a clean environment for healing at the Kwai River ChristianHospital in northern Thailand.

| Preparing for Service

Gethsemane Bible School is a small school located on the Thailand-Burma border and right now has about 34 students studying there.

International Ministries logo | Rising to the Challenge at Kwai River Christian Hospital

Trials and challenges are an inescapable part of this life alongside with pain. As John Piper quoted, ”Pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf humanity.”

| Turning Crises into Opportunities

Thank you God for another year gone by and another year to look forward to. I thank God for His continuous blessing and protection.