Madeline Flores-López
Madeline Flores-López

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It is a time of great hope, joy and faith when volunteers come to the Dominican Republic and Cuba! Madeline serves as mission coordinator for volunteers from the U.S. and Puerto Rico. She helps identify teams’ strengths and passions and then matches them with service opportunities in which they can make an impact while also learning from the experience and growing in their own faith. Much of the mission work that Madeline organizes takes place in the severely impoverished bateyes (bah-tays) communities. Teams meet local needs by bringing supplies such as food, clothes and bedding; setting up medical clinics; or offering training in hygiene, birth control or domestic violence prevention. Some teams lead Vacation Bible School programs for children or do evangelistic work with families. In Cuba, Madeline works directly with the Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention and the churches in the Jiguani district in Granma. Vacation Bible Schools and pastoral care training are two of the most requested local needs.
Projects, Journals & News
| White Cross – Dominican Republic Kits

This White Cross project seeks provide hundreds of baby layettes, health and school kits at $10/kit to benefit the Haitian communities in San Cristobal, in the Dominican Republic.

| White Cross – Dominican Republic Food, School Supplies and More for Haitians

This White Cross project seeks to raise $9,000 to purchase and provide food and school supplies for the ministries of the Church in Action in the Dominican Republic.

| Surprising Reflections from a Journey to the DR in January 2017

At a Conference for Missionaries in Pennsylvania in 2015, the call came forth to go and visit the Dominican Republic. The call never left me and it grew in Cheryl as we asked God where we should go.

| My Experience in Maisi and Baracoa

We saw the ravages of Hurricane Matthew during much of our journey. It was devastating to see how houses, churches, and entire schools were totally destroyed, even coconut palm trees were literally uprooted!

| Mi Experiencia en Maisi y Baracoa

El pasado 16 de noviembre tuve la oportunidad de visitar los pueblos de Maisi y Baracoa con el Presidente de la Convención Bautista de Cuba Oriental, el Rev. Osbel Gutierrez, su esposa, Sarita, el Rev. Roy Acosta, y otros dos hermanos de Puerto Rico; el Rev. Edwin Mojica y la Hna.