Former Global Servant Marilyn Raatz
Former Global Servant Marilyn Raatz
Sankofa bird | Looking Back to Move Forward

As a metaphor for an African wisdom teaching, the Sankofa bird looks behind to discern where to go in the future. The egg she carries in her mouth symbolizes new life and hope for what will be. Marilyn Raatz reflects on rich experiences during her first eight months of Peace and Justice ministry in Cape Town, South Africa to discern how God is leading her forward into the new year.

Marilyn Raatz Commissioning | Cape Cod Resident Commissioned to Serve in Africa

This was a historic moment for Cape Cod’s Brewster Baptist Church. As Lead Pastor the Rev. Dr. Doug Scalise stated, “As far as I know, over the more-than-190-year history of the congregation, this is the first time our very own missionary has been commissioned.”

| Favoring Mercy, Favoring Love

Hear my sermon on Mercy, given at Brewster Baptist Church, October 25, 2015

| “These Are the Words That Interest Me. Peace. Forgiveness.”

I think fondly of my friend Etienne*, a Burundian and Anglican priest. While traveling to Burundi with a ministry partner in 2009, we dropped in on Etienne and his family.