Ruth Fox
Ruth Fox

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Ruth, having invested many years in some of IM’s educational ministries in Thailand, is currently serving on special assignment as a regional consultant based in the U.S. In this role, she is working globally to establish baselines and strategies in line with the goals International Ministries has established through the Responding to the Call initiatives for education. She is also assisting the Mission Mobilization team to identify global opportunities for teachers and aid in recruitment.
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| Please pray for the Akha village Mehter

About 13 years ago, some Akha evangelists and I took 35 drug addicts out of Mehter village to a Christian drug rehab sponsored by American Baptists in Chiangmai.

| A Trip to Remember

As I got on the older rickety bus at the border of Laos and Thailand, I had the slight feeling come over me that the upcoming ride through the mountains was not going to be the same as a trip in Thailand.