Ruth Mooney
Ruth Mooney

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Ruth’s ministry focuses on theological education. She lives in Costa Rica, where she serves on the faculty of the Latin American Biblical University, a seminary founded in 1923 that prepares pastors and leaders to serve in churches throughout Latin America. Ruth teaches courses on Christian education and written communication (university-level writing skills). She also serves as campus pastor, welcoming new students, resolving conflicts and planning recreational outings and spiritual development activities, in addition to serving on the Scholarship Committee. As director of publications, she coordinates editing and publishing of university journals and faculty books, as well as supervising the bookstore.
Projects, Journals & News
| The Changing of the Ruths – November 2018
| On the Road – October 2018
| Overcoming the Odds ~ April 2016

Growing up in Minnesota, I was taught that it is not nice to brag. But maybe just this once. . .

| The First Baptist Theological Conference in Latin America and the Caribbean ~ March 2016

What kind of pastors should Baptist seminaries be producing? What do we want the church to look like in the next 20 years?

| Cena Politica: Where Is God? ~ November 2015 (Part 2)

Several of you have written to ask what happened in our second “cena política” (political dinner). You will remember that in the first conversation, we heard horrifying accounts of the rampant violence in the countries represented.