Rovaughna Richardson
Rovaughna Richardson

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In partnership with the Ghana Baptist Convention, Rovaughna works at the Baptist Vocational Training Center in a ministry rescuing, rehabilitating and educating young women who had been victims of a cultural practice called Trokosi, which has elements of human trafficking. Rovaughna’s mental health and social work background have particularly equipped her for this work. Previously, she spent time in Africa using her counseling skills to rehabilitate young adults who had experienced substance and physical abuse, human trafficking, gang violence and issues of grief, depression and poor self-image. It was upon returning from this journey that Rovaughna felt God’s call to make such work her life’s mission.
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| A Year to Remember…Looking to 2018!
| A Year to Remember!

We celebrate the 1-Year Anniversary of this ministry being on the ground and what a year it’s been! Full of excitement, unexpected bends and beautiful gifts, many of which shared in journals, blogs and Facebook.

International Ministries logo | Efua from Togo!

I sit with 4 books open under a mosquito net on my bed in Togo attempting to translate scripture from English to Ewe and back again. Two hours, Two partial scriptures!:)

| The Shift…Closing the Gap, Reaching the Heart!

Unreachable she seemed. Often “stand-offish.” Her facial expression-intense, defensive, appeared to say “Do not enter!” During group connections she would remove herself, appear uninterested, guarded.

| One!

Recently I discovered a posting on this ministries FaceBook page by the Bergman’s of Midland, Michigan. It was part of the “1 of 30” Campaign my Mission Partnership Team (MPT) and I ran last year during our support building efforts.