Rovaughna Richardson
Rovaughna Richardson

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Based in Accra, Ghana, and in partnership with the Ghana Baptist Convention (GBC), ROVAUGHNA provides education and advocacy around the issues of trokosi slavery and human trafficking. She is developing an initiative to address human rights abuses in the trokosi system, and provides follow-up care and counseling to the Baptist Vocational Training Center (BVTC) graduates who are living in Accra through the Center’s Aftercare Program. Rovaughna also provides training regarding ministry sustainability (the “Continuum Missions Model”) and business skills development, and is assisting with the GBC’s Developing Leaders Initiative.
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Recently I discovered a posting on this ministries FaceBook page by the Bergman’s of Midland, Michigan. It was part of the “1 of 30” Campaign my Mission Partnership Team (MPT) and I ran last year during our support building efforts.