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Sarah Nash

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Sarah Nash serves through the new extension of House of Hope in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. As an educator and dental assistant, Sarah is passionate about serving women and children through ministries of discipleship, education and health. House of Hope Ministries in Cochabamba and in Santa Cruz offer tutoring and after-school programs for children with mothers in high-risk situations, works with youth with addictions, serves the homeless and provides medical and dental clinics with mental and physical challenges.
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| Ministry life and personal update!
| Pray for Bolivia in the midst of political unrest. Important update from Sarah Nash.

Due to the current situation here we are unable to do ministry, so the Reeds and I have been advised from IM to work remotely in the States for the time being.

| Fall update– six month anniversary!

The first six months have brought me joy, challenges, tears, frustrations, laughter, and growth.

| Seeing God’s Spirit move in Bolivia

As I watched them worship our God with all their body, soul, and mind it was obvious that the Holy Spirit is working and moving within this community.

| Putting down roots in Bolivia
| The “Unsettling” Stage

When I was at my cross-cultural training last summer we focused one of our days on transition. I learned that there are five stages of transition. First is called the settled stage, second is the unsettled stage, third is the chaos stage, fourth is the re-settling stage, and lastly is the “new” settled stage. I feel that I am in the unsettling stage of transition.