Stan Slade
Stan Slade

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Stan is a teacher whose “classroom” might be located almost anywhere in the world. Whether leading a workshop for pastors with almost no formal schooling or serving as a visiting professor with doctoral students in high-tech classrooms, Stan is passionate about helping church leaders become more effective servants of Christ, especially in the area of understanding and communicating the message of Scripture.
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| Gift Exchange
| Saline Solution

God’s saline solution: Jesus, you and the WMO!

| Mexican Discoveries

This week your gifts and prayers helped to make it possible for some forty students and university ministry leaders to have a deeper encounter with Jesus!

| Savory saints

“If salt has lost its saltiness, how can you season it?  Have salt in yourselves…” Mark 9:50

| A wandering Aramean was my father…

God invited Abraham to become a blessing to all humanity by becoming an immigrant.

| “…and Peter!”

Peter gets an Easter surprise–good news for Peter; good news for us!