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Stan Slade

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Stan is a teacher whose “classroom” might be located almost anywhere in the world. Whether leading a workshop for pastors with almost no formal schooling or serving as a visiting professor with doctoral students in high-tech classrooms, Stan is passionate about helping church leaders become more effective servants of Christ, especially in the area of understanding and communicating the message of Scripture.
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| When I think of Puerto Rico…

I think not so much of the lovely vistas, but of a different and very special dimension of her beauty: her people. In particular, I think of dear friends. Inspiring co-workers in the work of mission.

| Working with the manifold…

I was a teenager in the Golden Age of what were called “muscle cars.” America’s love with the automobile was in full bloom. OPEC already existed, but the oil embargo of the early 1970s was far over the horizon, beyond what we could see.

| A Journey of Discovery

“I get it!  This is a journey of discovery!” My new Kenyan friend Didacus was right.  He did “get it.”   BereanSafari is all about making discoveries… in Scripture… in the Lord… in our world… and in ourselves. 

| “These people?”

My friend, whom we’ll call Manny, is no stranger to religious and ethnic conflicts. Manny lives in a place where tensions between different racial, ethnic and religious communities run high—and the flames are often fanned by people seeking power of various kinds.