Sandra Dorsainvil
Sandra Dorsainvil
Director of Short-Term Mission
| Serving In New Ways

How might we fulfill or be challenged to fulfill the first two words in Matthew 28: 19 “Therefore go” ┬áin this season where airports, borders are still not 100% open and when the COVID restrictions are real? The answer is in digital ministry.

| A Blessed Virtual Visit to La Romana

A unique opportunity to experience ministry in The Dominican Republic with Rev. Ketly & Vital Pierre.

| Humble Bridge

The picture of this wooden hanging bridge taken by Rev. Dr. Stan Slade is a testimony in itself of perseverance. It was built in the late 19th century. It is referred to as the “Gospel Bridge” and still has 4 of the original cables. The bridge invites us to notice nature, people, edges, water, resilience, perseverance, steadfastness, love, hope…..God’s creation and omnipresence.

| Virtual Visit to Budapest REGISTRATION IS FULL!!

A short virtual visit to Budapest to hear about Rev. Carmella Jones’ ministry

| Learning to Heal and Live in Rwanda

Rev. Dr. James Kelsey shares his reflections of heart transformation during a learning trip he made earlier this year to Rwanda.

| What Was & Is

We lament and grieve what was and is, as we live in this season of pandemic. What was and is, has our attention today and helps form our tomorrows. We remember the historical chapel at Milot in Haiti. We remember…in order to move forward.