Sandra Dorsainvil
Sandra Dorsainvil
Director of Short-Term Mission
| Let Water Flow to Mae La Akee

Richard L Binder, Jr shares his journey of short-term mission from Ohio to Kansas to Mae La Akee to provide water to many villages in Northern Thailand.

| New Online Registration for Volunteers

“Out with the old; In with the new”….The Short-Term Mission team has a new online registration process to help volunteers who feel called to serve. From the IM web site, click on “Get Involved” and then click on “Serve”
The STM team will be happy to assist along the way.

| Trailblazers

The Trailblazers of KS, MA, NY & OH are getting ready to serve alongside long-term global servants in Europe and Central America. Five young adults have said “Yes use me Lord” to walk the mission field in this new/old way. The STM team and IM family are excited for what God has in store for them, their sending churches and regions.

| Hands Around The World

The Hands Around The World 2019 team started their journey in Australia and ended in Bangladesh. Three women who navigated cultures, customs, languages and the blessings of partnerships.

| Discovery Trip to Thailand

The focus of this Discovery trip will be on education in Thailand. Participants will gain a greater understanding of Thailand’s culture, history and christian schools.

| God Glorified

Brother Michael Petty has returned to serve Karen brothers and sisters at a refugee camp in Asia. His words and short testimony express his delight at how God has been in the midst of everything.