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Bangladesh - Help Children in Poverty
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Jeanine and Walt White serve as International Ministries global consultants, training teams working with historically underserved religious groups including pastors, missionaries, development workers and partners, teaching them to be more effective communicators of the good news of Jesus Christ. Jeanine works with women and children, helping them to overcome social and cultural obstacles. She teaches skills for dealing constructively with the challenges and opportunities of cross-cultural life. Walt teaches workers to identify clashes between worldviews to make disciples of Jesus Christ in ways that are both faithful to Scripture and culturally appropriate. Jeanine and Walt seek to increase the longevity of cross-cultural workers and to strengthen their effectiveness so that they may transform lives in a holistic way.
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Bangladesh - Help Children in Poverty | Bangladesh – Help Children in Poverty

This project seeks to raise $8,085 to help communities in Jamalpur, Bangladesh, by helping families to provide their children with a good education, promoting health and well-being, offering literacy classes and providing training in micro-businesses and saving money.

| Bangladesh – Safe Birthing

IM, in partnership with Symbiosis, will deliver a range of maternal and child health services, including antenatal and postnatal care and a safe birthing facility.

| Bangladesh – Seminars for Symbiosis

International Ministries, in partnership with Symbiosis Bangladesh, is investing in leadership development for Symbiosis staff.

| 40 Years!

On June 6th, Jeanine and I celebrate the fortieth anniversary of our appointment by International Ministries.