October 20, 2017 Bangladesh – Help Children in Poverty
Bangladesh - Help Children in Poverty
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GoalInternational Ministries is seeking to raise $8,085 to help communities in Jamlpur.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $8,085 to help communities in Jamalpur, Bangladesh, by helping families to provide their children with a good education, promoting health and well-being, offering literacy classes and providing training in micro-businesses and saving money.
DescriptionIn the slum district of Jamalpur, many mothers are involved in prostitution, even if only on a casual basis. Few families have sufficient income to provide for and educate their children. In this harsh context, Symbiosis Bangladesh promotes human development with an emphasis on the poor and marginalized to help them live with dignity. This project seeks to alleviate poverty through several sustainable initiatives. It will improve children’s health and integrate them into mainstream education. It will raise awareness of the importance of literacy, and it will provide job skills and money-management training for families. This project will be managed by Symbiosis Bangladesh.
Suggested Gifts$50 provides materials for one preschool $100 provides a latrine for eight families $250 pays four field workers to run literacy groups for mothers $500 supports one preschool