October 4, 2017 Burundi – Chickens for Impoverished People
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Economic Development Economic Development
Health and Wellness Health and Wellness
GoalSeeking to raise $4,641 per year for free-range chicken farming for a total of $13,923.
SummaryTo reduce food shortages, the Evangelical Free Baptist Church of Burundi is funding free-range chicken farming.
DescriptionGatara is one of the most impoverished and densely populated areas in Burundi. Land is in short supply, leading to regular food shortages. In contrast Chickens are affordable, do not require as much land as raising cattle, require less food and water and reproduce several times a year. Your gift of $50 can help a family of five receive two hens and a rooster each. Furthermore, eggs and chicks can be sold to buy other foods, medicine, seeds for farming and school supplies. Treatable medical conditions can also be exacerbated by malnutrition and affect access to education, yet only $4,641 that provides 240 chickens and 100 roosters for impoverished households in Burundi makes a huge difference. It’s a small change but a large impact in the fight against malnutrition and a new source of incremental income for medical needs, that make it possible for children to attend school. Nearly 100 households could achieve economic stability that is sustainable for the future. This project will be managed by Nduwimana Anaclet, the project manager for the Evangelical Free Baptist Churches of Burundi.
Suggested Gifts$110 provides six hens. $275 provides 16 hens or 13 roosters. $550 buys medication to keep a flock healthy.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray with Bishop Emmanual Nsanganiye and the Evangelical Free Baptist Churches of Burundi and what your part will be in this project