Drifting Along the Way

You might find yourself asking, “How did we manage to get through that?”  But God’s hand in it is clear and apparent. 

“Goodbye” is also “Hello!” (Ministry Shift)

Hello Friends! Recently, I watched a tiny sparrow fly back and forth attempting to escape from what must have felt very frightening.  He found himself inside the screened porch of …

Bringing Light & Living Water

“Arise, Lord! Lift up your hand, O God. Do not forget the helpless.”(Psalm 10: 12)
We are grateful for our many volunteers who leave the comfort of their homes for kingdom building.

“Going With God” Toolkit for Short-Term Volunteers

Going With God:  A Short-Term Mission Team Leader’s Tool Kit is an in-depth, easy to use training toolkit to help STM leaders prepare, and guide their teams before, during and after the trip.

Resources for Short-Term Mission

Here are some pertinent resources and forms you may need to complete once you have initiated contact with the Short-Term Mission team, and completed the Initial Questionnaire. Please call the STM office at 610-768-2168 or email  with any questions.

Missionary Support Information

International Ministries provides its missionaries, global consultants, and development workers with a living allowance, benefits, and ministry funds which enable them to live and serve as God has called them.